differences between industry grade sea salt and food grade marine salt

2011-09-05 14:29:42

Dear Clients,  


Maybe you are not very clear about the industry salt and food grade salt. Here is our explaination to you about the industry grade sea salt and food grade marine salt. 


There are two kinds of synthetic sea salt,one is industry salt. This kind of salt 85% is industry salt and 15% is MgSo4,it only can improve the freshwater's salinity and can keep the seafood live for about 2-3 days. Industry salt without any natural saltwater trace elements which marine animals absolutly necessary for living.Industy salt could not use to keep saltwater ornamental fish. If use industry salt to keep marine animals,all the marine animals will quickly die in short time since they lack of necessary elements which to keep them be alive. 


The other salt is food grade synthetic sea salt.It primarily contains all kinds of macroelements, microelements and trace elements found in natural sea water, without any nutrient such asN, P, Si, etc., and no other harmful elements to sea creatures such as Os, Be, Tl, etc. Food grade synthetic sea salt is pure and not contaminated, contains no organic contaminants such as surface active agent, organophosphorus pesticide, petroleum hydrocarbon, etc., which always exist in natural inshore sea water. Thus, it is better selected for breeding sea animals for inland environments or places that needs clean seawater.


Blue Treasure Synthetic sea salt series products are food grade salt. All the materials are selected from food grade. Our Salt include coral type sea salt, ornamental fish type sea salt, sea beasts type sea salt and aquaculture type sea salt according to the characteristics of sea animals.Our synthetic seawater is colorless, foamless, depositless and clear, and has ideal pH buffer capacity and stable pH value.


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