The Blue Treasure sea salt series salts sales very wells in abroad and China. There are some our presently clients:


Shanghai ocean Aquarium


Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World


Fushun Royalc Ocean World


Changsha Ecological Zoo


Changshu Star


Nanchang New Zoo


Zhejiang Taizhou Ocean World


At the meantime we have been exporting to HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea,Canada,New Zealand, Tailand, Malysia,Singapore, USA,UK,Brazil, Swiss,Germany,Turkey,Iran, etc.. Blue Treasure Sea Salts are very populare in the world.

Asia Coutries&Areas Markets


 China is also our domestic market.In china market,we always offer to the main big aquarium seawater world like Shanghai Changfeng Sea world etc..

 Hongkong market

Taiwan market

Japan market

Singapore market

Bangladesh market

Australia market

 New Zealand market

Tailand market

Malaysia market

India market

Europe Countries


U.S.A. market.


Ireland market


Spain market

Germany market

Brazil market

Middle East Countries Market

Turkey market