To Perform A Water Change On A Saltwater Aquarium Marine

2011-08-17 02:13:08

Although it is an seawater aquarium, you must learn to do water changes, and although this may seem very simple to just take the water out and adding new, is a bit 'more complicated when it comes to saltwater aquariums . The first way is to buy two buckets, which are the same size, so as to avoid confusion when adding and removing water from the tank. It 'important that these new buckets, so there is no contamination between the buckets and tanks. It is therefore necessary to indicate dry with "dirty water" and "new or clean water."

Now, as they have a saltwater tank is to mix the salt. Using an aquarium pump, put the right amount of salt in the bucket. Then place a heater in it with a thermometer, you should leave this mixture for at least 12 hours. Now you have to remove some water to your tank, start the siphon into the bucket of dirty water, and dispose of it. Now add water in the tank clean, this may be a little tricky if you use paint buckets, but you can do. Connect a hose to the pump used to mix and let it flow into the tank. When you reach the end of the bucket, just add directly to your tank, and remove the pump. Add water until the water line designated in your tank and make sure to turn your entire team on his back.