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Blue Treasure SyntheticSea Salt is specifically designed to replicate the nature marine water environment. It provides every major, minor and trace element necessary. This ensures that even the most delicate marine fish, invertebrates and plants will thrive. Blue Treasure Sea Salt enhanced alkalinity ensures a more stable pH than competing salt blends. Blue Treasure Sea Salt possesses excellent solubility characteristics and will provide a clear, ready to use solution in only a few minutes. Blue Treasure Sea Salt is a convenient and easy to use one-part formula that is ideal for mixing either small or large batches of saltwater. Utilizing state of the art production facilities ensures a consistent and uniform particle size that will not separate in packaging or shipping and will provide a consistent saltwater mix every time.

The sea beasts type sea salt has the same element components as natural sea water,  It basically contains all kinds of macroelements, microelements and trace elements found in natural sea water, without any nutrient such as N, P, Si, etc., and other elements harmful to sea creatures such as Os, Be, Tl, etc. Synthetic sea salt is pure and not contaminated, contains no organic contaminants such as surface active agent, organophosphorus pesticide, petroleum hydrocarbon, etc., which always exist in natural inshore sea water. Thus, specially suitable for breeding marine mammals, such as dolphin, sea dog etc., for a long term.

One of our client, Shanghai Changfeng Sea World is the most big sea world in China. The sea world is using our Blue Treasure Sea Salt for many years to keep so many kinds of marine animals. For example, the Hammberhead Shark is the one of the most marine animals have strict require to marine systerm,any presently only Shanghai Changfeng Sea World in China Could live them successfully by our Blue Treasure Sea Salt.

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