Export Sea Salt For Hard Corals for Canada

2012-06-29 14:25:47

Qingdao Sea-Salt Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Sea Salt For Hard Corals manufacturer and supplier in China, we export Sea Salt For Hard Corals with about 5 years experience, at present we have good cooperation with our clients from more than 20 countries, such like Europe, North America, Australia, etc.. Considering the quality, the price, the delivery time, and the service, we have gained positive reputation from our clients.


Generally there are two main types of corals - hard and soft. The framework of a coral reef is composed of the calcareous skeletons of many corals. As a coral grows new polyps replace old polyps which become the calcareous skeleton. Humans need food, water and shelter to survive. So the marine environment is very important to them, especially the nutrition of the aquarium environment. Blue Treasure Synthetic Sea Salt made according to natural marine environment. Blue Treasure Synthetic Sea Salt could make the nutrition element achieve level Mg-1350mg/L, Ca-420mg/L, kH-9'C DH, Sr-9.5mg/L. Why we make the level a little higher than natural sea water, because people keep corals in a closed type environment and lack circulation of natural sea water, so during breeding coral reef, they will consume more nutrition. Coral reef need more supplement nutrition for growth.


Besides, our company set up a modern factory base in Guangzhou in 2007, purchased advanced production equipment and analysis instruments, hired synthetic seawater production researchers and aquatic breeding staff to form a synthetic seawater research, development and application technique service system. The sea salts for growth of various sea creatures are produced according to their characteristics in aquaculture and users’ freshwater features.


All in all, in Canada market, we offer high-quality products, reasonable price, prompt delivery time, considerate service, if any items are of interest to you, please refer to more info about the tropic fish sea salt, or send enquiry to us without hesitation.